Perspektiv's Vision

 Perspektiv embodies the ever evolving culture with designs that capture the eye and virtually take on new forms with each look. Hip Hop culture has been a creative output for everyone it touches. Hence the designs we bring forth will reflect our respect and admiration of a culture that spans the globe and changes every person it comes in contact with. The goal of Perspektiv is to provide original, quality clothing and accessories to citizens all across the world, as well as provide an identity for a culture that is forever changing. Hip Hop evolves and in turn the clothing should evolve, every time you look at one of our pieces something new is intended to grab your attention. What you see the first time isn’t necessarily what you will see the second and third time you look at a Perspektiv item. By implementing these eye catching images into the Perspektiv line of clothing we will mirror the Hip Hop culture by evolving your look. 

Perspektiv is evolution, creativity, expression and growth. live life as an individual; in your own "Perspektiv".


Perspektiv’s Origins

The Perspektiv logo originates from a character I used to draw of my alter ego. I nicknamed him Drez. I would draw this character Drez who was a representation of my alter ego in the comic strips I used to create to pass the monotony of the classroom, waiting to be free of the shackles of everyday life. Drez would react in the comic, in a way that wasn’t socially acceptable and might have gotten me into some hot water if I reacted the way he did, to the situations that life presents us all.

So this character kind of evolved into the ‘Perspektiv” concept in my college years. I saw the character and the comic as it was; a representation of a different perspective that I had about the environment around me and breaking social norms and ideology.

The logo actually came out to show a representation of one’s personalities. If you look at the original logo, you see that the side profile actually turns from one face to three and then back to one again. The "Perspektiv" of the logo changes depending on the time and introspection that someone puts into looking at the image. I am presenting this as a representation of the three people that encompass us as individuals. You have the face you show to the regular world, the face your friends and family see and the face you see in the mirror, you’re truest self. So the “perspektiv” in the shirt actually changes from first glance to deep reflection.

I also had a love for urban fashion, and always wanted to create and wear my own gear that represented my art and my visions. I took the side profile of my alter ego and created the logo for Perspektiv. Incorporating my love for hip hop was the next logical step surrounding the brand Perspektiv in all of the 5 elements that shaped the way I observed life and the way identified with world around me.


What to Expect Moving Forward

Innovative Imagery and Style

You can expect to see a lot of imagery that incorporates the 5 elements of hip hop, as well as my own ideas and concepts; with a twist to each image to make go into a deep analysis of the image and draw your own conclusions as to what meaning I was trying to relay, what the picture means to you and what you think others might perceive the image to mean. Expect a lot of play on imagery abstract to realism or a mixture of all artistic styles in all of the products that we create.

Style Watch

We at perspektiv stay connected and are always on the lookout for the latest in hip hop culture, fashion, entertainment and technology. We will keep curating content from our favorite web sources as well as providing you with our take on all of the above. Expect visual as well as written content that will involve all of our audience and our interests.


Culture Immersion

Be on the lookout for Perspektiv to be present in the culture that we all love and admire. We will be actively covering and throwing events that represent and support the hip hop and fashion culture that we keep a close and attentive eye on; always giving our “Perspektiv” of the situation and showing always showing our love and respect for all things Urban, Artistic and Flavourful.